Love Gives is a springboard to provide care and comfort to more children in transition.



Isn't that the way love is? The more you give, the more it grows...

Love Gives Foster Closet is a project of

 Home Forever, Permanency Advocates for Children

 in collaboration with Grace Brethren Church of Long Beach


Love Gives Foster Closet seeks to ease the transition for foster children 

and offer support to foster parents and caregivers, in the greater Long Beach community,

by equipping families with essential clothes and items needed for children placed in their care. 






volunteer your time

Love Gives Foster Closet resources are available to            foster parents, caregivers and supporting agencies in the greater Long Beach community. 


We are blessed with the opportunity to serve you! 


Simply fill out a request form and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Love Gives is a collaboration of volunteers and advocates committed to demonstrating openhearted generosity to foster children and families. 


Looking for more ways to give love? Consider inviting others to join you. Or become a Permanency Advocate for Children. Together, we can see families RENEWED.




Foster children often arrive at their placement with only the clothes they are wearing or enough to fill a small bag. 


For those who want to do something to help foster children, Love Gives provides an opportunity to equip families directly caring for them.

easing transition, offering support, equipping families